Take a look inside some of the water storage tanks that Leigh Burford has cleaned – before and after.

Dead birds

 These dead birds were found inside a drinking water tank

Before Cleaning

Before Cleaning. Thick sludge in the bottom of the water storage tank

Stag heads

Stag heads on the roof of a water tank. The water can be contaminated as the heads decay

Before Cleaning

Before Cleaning. Sludge in the bottom of the tank

Dead birds

Dead birds in the water tank. Ensure any openings in the tank roof are securely closed

Clean tank

Clean tank after magnesium scale removal

Pipe corrosion

Inside water tank, showing pipe corrosion

Cleaning underway

Cleaning underway inside a water storage tank

Truck and equipment

Burford water tank cleaning truck and equipment

Inside water tank

Inside water tank, cleaning underway

Emptying the tank

Emptying the water tank before cleaning

Neglected tank.

Inside a neglected water tank.

Growth and silt

Growth and silt inside a neglected water tank

Magnesium scale

Magnesium scale in tank before cleaning

Mineral scale

Mineral scale in concrete water tank.

Clean tank

Concrete water tank after it has been cleaned

Before cleaning

Concrete water storage tank before cleaning has begun

Truck and equipment

Burford tank cleaning truck and equipment

Clean tank

Inside a clean concrete water storage tank