Cleaning a water tank

Cleaning a water storage tank

Leigh Burford is committed to keeping your family and stock safe, with a healthy clean water supply.

The Ministry of Health recommends cleaning and inspecting your water tank every year to stay on top of trouble before it occurs. In practice, different tanks will need to be cleaned more or less frequently, depending on the water supply going into the water tank. See the FAQs for more information.

Water Tank Expertise

Leigh knows all the ins and outs of different water tank set-ups and will do a visual inspection of your tank while he cleans it.

This means that you can be aware of problems before they occur, and can plan and budget for any maintenance and repair before it becomes an expensive emergency.

Step by Step Tank Cleaning Without Toxic Chemicals

Leigh does a thorough job. He doesn’t just vacuum the sediment from the bottom of the tank and call it a day. He makes sure the whole inside of the tank is scrubbed clean, and he does it all with just fresh, pure water – no nasty chemicals.

Cleaning a water tank is a multi-step process:

  1. Empty the tank of all the water. Water from a dirty tank is not the best, and it’s better to start fresh with clean water in a clean tank.
  2. Climb into the tank. Leigh brings all his own safety gear, ladders and equipment.
  3. Vacuum all the mud and debris from the tank. The sludge in the bottom of a tank can be 300mm deep.
  4. Waterblast the walls and floor using fresh potable water, then vacuum the tank clean again.
  5. Wash the floor and rinse the tank again until clean, vacuuming out the last of the water.
  6. Fill the tank with fresh water. Leigh can organise a load of water from your local water supplier if required.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information, and the Image Gallery for photos.

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